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We are excited to announce that our new OCT machine, SPECTRALIS, is installed in the practice and it's benefits are numerous...

Somari, your Optometrist, can use the SPECTRALIS OCT machine to detect the smallest of changes using cutting edge technology. This information can be used for monitoring your on-going eye health at every visit.

SPECTRALIS uses Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to scan your eyes. OCT is a medical imaging technique using light waves to generate images of the back of your eye. It allows Somari to see a detailed 3D view of your retina so that very fine detail can be viewed.

There is no need for bright flashes or dilating eye drops when using this OCT machine, which means you can drive as normal after the test. The scan only takes a few seconds and you can blink away normally. There will be no discomfort as the camera does not touch your eyes.

SPECTRALIS can detect a wide range of eye conditions and is ideal for the management and maintenance of pre-existing ones such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A record of all your check-ups will be available to compare past scans of your eyes with current ones and look for changes that could affect your vision.

One in two cases of sight loss can be avoided through early detection and receiving the right treatment at the right time. Perfect vision doesn't mean healthy eyes. The key to avoiding sight loss is to visit your optometrist regularly for a comprehensive eye examination.

Astronaut's eyes are checked at the International Space Station using SPECTRALIS and we now have it for us mortals down on earth to use too.

Book your Advanced Eye Examination (Private/NHS Eye Examination, Optomap Scan and SPECTRALIS OCT Scan) online now or call 01494 868496 to make an appointment.

See you soon...

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