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Eye Health Tips For Working at Home

Working from home can bring it's own challenges, especially on our eye health.

Screens can make dry eye conditions worse, causing eye strain and magnifying problems in the eye that before was only minor issues.

-Regular eye test are important to rule out problems in the eyes. But there is also a few useful tips that can make things easier:

-Regular breaks looking away from the screen better known as the 20/20/20 rule. Every twenty minutes look away for twenty seconds twenty feet away to relax your eyes. Remember your eyes are relaxed in the distance and more stressed for close up.

-Use dry eye soothing drops every few hours to hydrate your eyes, just like you would put moisturiser on your hands to hydrate your skin on your hands, just so eyes needs hydrating with dry eye drops.

-Using Blue filter coatings on your spectacle lenses help with eyestrain from the blue light from the screens and reduces the negative effects.

-Use eye drops at night before bed to soothe your eyes to feel more refreshed in the morning.

-Remember to have regular eye tests to make sure there are no underlaying conditions that needs treating.

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